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Coworking vacational in Tenerife

Vacational Coworking in Tenerife. Escape to paradise + work: It´s possible!

Coworking is an increasingly booming concept; and more and more professionals are experimenting and choosing this option to minimize their expenses and work in an optimal and inspiring space, in addition to creating synergies with other professionals. But you can go a little further, looking for a perfect tandem between vacations and work in order to multiply productivity. And this is where the vacation coworking concept comes into play.

We speak of a new concept closely linked to the youthful and enterprising mentality where the separations between leisure and work are blurred.


At Coworking La Famiglia, we provide professionals and entrepreneurs with a working space in one of the best tourist areas of the island of Tenerife, where they can retire for a while from their businesses, but they will have all the comforts and tools to continue leading their businesses in an informal, relaxed atmosphere and in a holiday environment.

In other words, we offer the possibility to come on vacation to paradise, but at the same time continue working in a suitable place. We make sure our coworkers can enjoy their activity and at the same time participate in the life and activities that they will find in this environment. Activities to encourage creativity and improve productivity while living a unique experience.

Another advantage of this type of coworking is the possibility of networking. Working in a totally different place and environment, coworkers, from the first day on, meet new people who can provide them with new ideas, a fresher vision or professional and personal synergies that, among other things, can help them to grow their businesses.


Because we firmly believe in the tourist potential of Tenerife and we are convinced that this type of space can be a solution for professionals and also a tourist attraction with another focus.

The truth is that, as the great Joaquin Sabina says, "we have plenty of reasons". And you, you still lack reasons to come?

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