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coworking in tenerife

Coworking and Coliving in Tenerife

The coworking concept arrived in Spain in a timid but sure way; and little by little it was established. So far that in a few years it has been normalized and almost in every city we can find several offers. Coworking and its collaborative philosophy were soon to arrive in Tenerife. But also on the island it has taken hold; even, evolved...

When we say evolution, we mean Coliving, the latest generation of coworking. A concept that goes beyond and through which professionals not only share work space, but also a house in a sustainable lifestyle that allows them to exchange experiences as well as synergies through the efficient use of resources.

The aim of the Coliving is to create an environment in a shared house, which inspires and allows the colivers  to develop their creativity, enhance their productivity and at the same time be participants in the world around them. In this way, collaboration is projected, not only among the participants of this lifestyle, but also of the community they have around them.

Coliving is much more than sharing a home and a work space between like-minded professionals. Much more ... It is sharing in all its expression; is to create and live experiences: go together to an exhibition, practice a risky outdoor sports, visit a museum, sign up together to yoga workshops, participate in a networking events, go out together towards the sea in search of waves, etc.

What is the profile of a COLIVER

In general terms, these are professionals in the field of new technologies, entrepreneurs, businessmen ... all of them driven by the same interest: sharing resources and coordinating activities that allow them to improve working conditions and productivity of  businesses in an efficient, creative and intellectual way.


The digital nomads demand this type of shared spaces and houses for months, weeks and even days: coworking spaces that also offer a room of their own or shared, with a kitchen, dining room and common spaces.

This demand has already spread throughout the planet. Arriving, now, also, to Tenerife.
What better place for this kind of experience than paradise?

Coworking La Famiglia opens its doors this April, 14th  in Costa Adeje, a few meters from one of the most beautiful beaches of Tenerife, the Playa de Las Américas; on an island that, in addition to a spring-like temperature throughout the year, is a paradise for those who love the sea, the mountains and activities or outdoor sports.

¿Would you like to come to live the experience without the need to stop working? We are waiting for you!

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