coworking in tenerife

Coworking and Coliving in Tenerife

The coworking concept arrived in Spain in a timid but sure way; and little by little it was established. So far that in a few years it has been normalized and almost in every city we can find several offers. Coworking and its collaborative philosophy were soon to arrive in Tenerife. But also on the island it has taken hold; even, evolved...

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Coworking vacational in Tenerife

Vacational Coworking in Tenerife. Escape to paradise + work: It´s possible!

Coworking is an increasingly booming concept; and more and more professionals are experimenting and choosing this option to minimize their expenses and work in an optimal and inspiring space, in addition to creating synergies with other professionals. But you can go a little further, looking for a perfect tandem between vacations and work in order to multiply productivity. And this is where the vacation coworking concept comes into play.

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